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K-Fix is a Retail Construction Chemicals brand of Chembond Chemicals Limited. Various products are available under the K-Fix brand which have application at different stages of construction and repair. K-Fix products are used across segments – housing, commercial and industrial and are engineered to perform in Indian conditions.

The “K-Fix” brand of construction chemicals cater to the distribution channel and professional applicator segment with small pack sizes. K-Fix provides solution for Waterproofing, Repair, Sealant, Grout & Tiling. It has high quality standardized products with latest technology formulations which enables high quality construction, ease of application without affecting any other properties.

Products targeted primarily towards waterproofing of residential and commercial water tanks, have received CFTRI approval. The distribution channel continued to grow with new dealers, applicators and distributors coming on board.

Benefits and Advantages of K-Fix Products:


Factory manufactured, high quality products

ISO 9001 certified, manufacturing plants

Easy to use and economical

Easily available across the country due to good distribution network

Technical Support from our experts

Available in convenient and attractive packaging


Training provided to applicators

Makes high quality construction possible

Easy to use

Fast and Durable

Can eliminate the need to “re-do” jobs

Leads to higher customer satisfaction

Ensures watertight waterproofing solution