We offer a wide range of products for applications in concrete modification, waterproofing, and repair and rehabilitation of structures. Products like admixtures for concrete, sealants, grouts, concrete curing compounds, tile fixing adhesives, waterproofing chemicals, membranes, jointing compounds, crack repair and special application mortars are offered by us.

The Company has added an array of products and systems, with the objective of becoming a total solution provider in construction chemicals sector. Introduction of epoxy and polyurethane resin system for repair of cracks in concrete structures, various concrete admixtures, new repair systems like re-injection hose and JointFlex TPE have been introduced in partnership with some international companies.

Products targeted primarily towards waterproofing of residential and commercial water tanks, have received CFTRI approved. There has been a consistent acceptance of company’s high performance products in the market.

Our Commitment:

State-of-art Research and Development labs manned by excellent pool of professionals to develop products of international standards.

State-of-art manufacturing plants to efficiently meet customer demands.

Knowledgeable team of product specialists who regularly monitor product performance and emerging trends in India so that we can improve our existing product range to serve our customers better.

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