About Chembond Construction Chemicals Division:

Chembond Chemicals Limited, has a well known name in the field of manufacturing of construction chemicals, water proofing compounds, concrete repair products etc. Present in India, for more than 45 years in a diversified field like water treatment, metal treatment, construction chemicals and anti-corrosive coatings.The company has excellent infrastructure facilities like a well equipped R & D laboratory for testing products, raw materials, multiple regional offices and production plants, well trained personnel and references from well known industries.

Chembond has been a leader in the field of corrosion protection of metals and of water treatment chemicals since the company's inception in 1973. Drawing on these experiences, from 1992, Chembond began introducing a range of products directed towards the building and construction industry.

Construction chemicals are used by the Construction and civil repair industry. These chemicals help to enhance concrete strength and quality, provide water-tightness and protect concrete structures from atmospheric degradation.

Our range of admixtures, sealants, waterproofing solutions, repair mortars and systems, tile fixing adhesives, tile joint fillers, floor hardeners, and cement / epoxy based grouts are used by Construction Companies, ready-mix concrete manufacturers, civil contractors and repair and waterproofing applicators. These products find applications in infrastructure projects, industrial construction, residential and commercial construction.

The Products are sold directly to large customers and through a channel of dealers and distributors across many parts of the country. We cater our chemicals to distributors and dealers by following a unique number series so that they are easy to understand and recall in small pack sizes, while the infrastructure projects are catered by the "KEM" series of products in bulk pack sizes.

We have a cutting edge R&D centers manned by an excellent pool of professionals and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at 4 different locations.