KEM INJECT OXYDAMP - C is a very low viscosity synthetic resin a perfect solution. It penetrates deeply into even the smallest capillaries and pores in building materials. Due to its very low density and a surface tension that is less than that of water, KEM INJECT OXYDAMP – C pushes water out of the capillaries.

All you need to do is apply 3 coats KEM PROOF 87, an elastomeric coating based on selected acrylic co-polymers. When applied, it cures to form a durable, protective, waterproof membrane. It is applied by brush or roller. It can be applied on concrete, cement board, wood, brick, stone and tiles. It is a single-component emulsion containing inert pigments and has a brushable consistency.

2 coats of KEM PROOF 86 which is a high quality, acrylic emulsion based coating will help you to solve this problem. It is an elastomeric in nature and has good resistance to weather and sunlight. It is Capable of resisting movements in structures and has good crack bridging and water proofing properties due to its good film thickness.

This is possible with KEM Joint PU 100 which is single component polyurethane based elastomeric sealant which cures under the effect of atmospheric humidity to form a flexible and resistant joint with very good adhesion on most materials.

KEM REPEL 79 is an all purpose, unique, colourless, water repellent emulsion based on silone-siloxane. It easily penetrates all masonry structures and has strong water repellent characteristics.

KEM PROOF 77 is an integral waterproofing compound for addition to cement-based mortars and concrete. When added to the mix, it spreads over the cement and aggregates, disperses the cement particles and reduces the effect of capillary action by forming dense concrete. It makes the mix hydrophobic, reduces its permeability, and thus increases the waterproofing. This makes our house strong and healthy.

KEM Tile 26, is a perfect solution which not only helps in stopping the leakage but also helps in bridging the gaps between tiles.

To build the healthy construction, the cement properties must be modified. Chembond Range of Admixtures have the required characteristics to modify the properties of cement and put it to its optimum utilisation.

KEM DAMP 83 is a two-component, epoxy resin based coating that can be diluted with water. It is especially made for to remove dampness on the walls.

KEM PROOF 81, crystallizing waterproofing coat will help to arrest this problem. It is an integral capillary concrete waterproofing compound which waterproofs, protects concrete in depth and is applicable for either positive or negative side pressure.

Note: All the FAQ’s are solutions to the problems faced, the user needs to follow proper guidelines as given in the data sheet. The solutions may defer based on actual site condition. A visit of chembond representative is recommended.