ADEKA ULTRASEAL is a chemically modified natural rubber product. This patented process chemically bonds a hydrophilic agent to the rubber. This permits the seal to undergo controlled expansion when exposed to moisture. This expansion capability provides a "double locking" water-stop. One from rubber's natural resilience and one from expansion. Expansion occurs in three dimensions: width, height, and length. It has a unique stainless steel wire mesh embedded within the material. The wire mesh eliminates unnecessary expansion in the length and width dimensions. When fastened to concrete, the wire mesh prevents "winding" action and directs the expansion. It has excellent durability and resistance to chemical contaminants. It can /form in a wide range of solutions such as sea water or cement water. The material does not contain any toxic substance or heavy metals and is environmentally safe.

Application Areas:

It is used in general below grade concrete joint work where water intrusion must be prevented. It is designed to replace conventional waterstop. It is also used for piping penetrations where pipe diameter exceeds 600mm.

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